Cost savings available for Charitable organisations

October 27, 2011

In the six months that it has been in operation, Charity BackRoom has helped many East Anglian charities to spend time on the things that really matter to them by taking responsibility for the things that – with the best will in the world – really don’t.

Charity BackRoom

Yes, placing job ads, arranging insurance, considering employment legislation and calculating NI contributions are important – but they aren’t what the region’s groups and charities were set up to do, so every hour spent working on them is an hour that can’t be devoted to those core activities that make a real difference to the people of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk. And with cuts in public funding impacting on local organisations, every minute and every penny is precious.

Charity BackRoom provides the essential support services which organisations must have, but find expensive and time-consuming to do themselves. It saves them money, because the expertise Charity BackRoom offers is keenly priced; it saves them time because by not having to run their own payroll, advertise their own jobs or plan their own training (for example) they are free to focus on the things that their funders, supporters and clients really value them for – and that isn’t their ability to calculate employee tax liability.

We can’t calculate precisely how much time and how much money Charity BackRoom has helped groups to channel in the right direction during these last six months, but we are convinced that it is a significant amount and that, in the long-term, Charity BackRoom will be of direct benefit both to the counties third sector organisations and to the people of the region.

Said Enterprise and Funding Development Manager Antony Parke:

“Our aim is to act as a one-stop shop for organisations of all sizes and to provide them with the services that will help them achieve their goals, while saving them time and money. Our highly regarded all inclusive HR & Employment Law contract, for example, offers unlimited amounts of advice, backed by legal specialists, in addition to contract and policy checks for as little as £800 per year. We are also able to deliver bespoke pieces of work from competitor analysis, recruitment and selection assistance through to guidance and support with expansion plans and product development, as well as ‘standard’ items such as payroll, CRB checks and jobs advertising, so it makes sense for other charities to let our specialist staff work behind the scenes on their behalf while they go out and do what they do best.”

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