Successful Org Health Check

June 25, 2013

CDC facilitated our 160th Organisational Health Check last night in Peterborough with a NEW CIO Charity called Operation Can DO ( no relation!). They are a recently formed Charity that aim to improve the life chances for local people in a multicultural area of the City.

We discussed who they are, what they do ,how they do it and marketing, people, skills, ambitions, plans, finance and just about everything else in 2 hours of lively discussion.


Some feedback from the attendees:

great session, really helped us reflect & evaluate where we are and where we want to be in the future’

‘great presentation, clear, concise & simply put!’

‘presentation was good and it was interactive with the audience’

‘good content, detailed and very informative’

‘very well introduced, so we were clear about what to expect, useful double act!’





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