We can assist you in accessing funding for Community Health Checks – Have You signed up?

January 13, 2012



Do you know how your Community Organisation will survive in the next 2 years?, how about taking a Health Check ( business review) In these difficult financial times everyone is looking to make savings and improve their sustainability. In terms of Community Organisations its important to have a handle on just where you are in terms of the organisational set up, finances, resources, funding bids, marketing, planning and where you plan the organisation to be in 2 years time.

We can help you plan for your future by delivering a simple but effective 3 hour review at your Community Venue with your Committee.

  1. Mapping the Future – Is a simple Business tool, designed to capture on one page various aspects of the Community Organisation, i.e Business Mode, Organisational Development, Financial Return and Social Return.
  2. Organisation Review – Has been designed to identify your groups strengths and weaknesses by asking multi choice questions based around governance, systems, finance, business planning and marketing. From the answers given, we will identify where specific attention needs ot be focused and a summary development plan will be drafted.
  3. Relationship Footprint – In order for an organisation to make an impact in an area it is crucial that all relationships are mapped ie with Housing Associations, Local Authorities etc and the strength is assessed in order to enhance them for the future.
  4. SkillsAudit – We work with your committee and Local Community in recording the wealth of skills at hand and then examine where the skills can be put to good use for the benefit of your community.
  5. Summary Report – On completion of your Health Check you are furnished with a summary report which lists all your development needs and then we talk with you about how you can find the resources to address them.
  6. Assist with the production of an Organisational Development Plan
  7. Progression towards a Quality Standard – For the organisation to progress into a sustainable entity it is essential that they adopt and maintain strong practices, the best way to achieve this is to work towards a Quality Standard. We guide the management team through the processes necessary to gather the evidence to build towards an assesment. Once the assesment has been completed it will demonstrate that the organisation is well managed and therefore increase their chances of gaining funding.

This is a 3 hour session that can be delivered at your venue, you then receive a full report on your organisations ‘health’ and recommmendations for the future sustainability. (This can be delivered for all public/ private/ third sector organisations)

Please contact Marvin Symes (CDC Director) 07910 276193 to book your Health Check for 2011.

PS we can asssist in accessing funding for this purpose.


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