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May 1, 2015

Criteria for Initial Grants Programme announced

Since the Power to Change was launched in late January, they have been working hard to develop programmes that will truly make a difference to community businesses. By the end of the year they aim to have provided £9 million of funding and support to businesses across England.

A majority of this funding will be awarded through their Initial Grants Programme (IGP), an initiative that has been specifically designed to help new and existing community businesses that are in a position to make a step change in their journey towards long term sustainability within the next six months.

In order to help organisations assess whether the Initial Grants Programme funding is suited to their current needs and stage of development, they have developed a set of six criteria which organisations/ projects must meet to be considered for funding through the programme. To view the criteria click here.

If you believe your organisation meets these criteria, you will be able to apply for Initial Grants Programme funding on the Power to Change website from Tuesday 12th May.

If you have previously completed the Community Enterprise Checker on the Locality website, you will automatically be considered for the programme and contacted if the funding could be appropriate to your project/ organisation. You don’t need to do anything more at this stage.

If your organisation doesn’t meet the criteria for the Initial Grants Programme, please do not be disheartened as we will be introducing a number of new funding and support programmes later this year.

Should you need any guidance, feel free to call 01733 200906 and a member of the Can Do Communities team will be pleased to help.


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