Manchester Asset Transfer

April 26, 2014

Manchester City Council have been working in partnership with Can Do Communities since 2013 working on the smooth implementation of their Asset Transfer Strategy. MCC devised an initial priority list of Assets that could be assessed under the Asset transfer process. CDC is taking around 20 Manchester based charitable groups through a capacity building process which includes the  organisations receiving a combination of the following; Legal Advice, Building Survey’s, Organisational Health Check, Benchmarking Visits, Governance & Assets Workshops, Finance Training, Community Consultation, Policies & Procedures & Funding Guidance.

The charitable organisations have been applying to the Community Rights Funding programme that is funding from DCLG with the aim of building their internal capacity and exploring the viability of Asset transfer. CDC are taking through an increasing number of groups through this process, whilst utilising the excellent Community Rights funding programme and working with valuable local associates – for more information call 01733 200906


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