Peterborough Community Reporters

December 15, 2011

Community Reporters LogoWe are delighted to announce that CDC have received a Big Lottery Awards for All grant to deliver Peterborough Community Reporters project.
What is it?
Community Reporters is a fun activity that allows people to tell stories about their own lives and celebrate all the positive things that happen in their Community using words, pictures video or audio.

It is about empowering communities by enabling them to take control, have their voices heard on issues that are important to them or sharing ideas or concerns with other people in person and on-line using a number of different creative methods.

This is achieved by members of the Community creating and posting articles and pictures to the Peterborough Community Reporters website and inviting other people to engage in open communication and join the conversation.

To become a Community Reporter you will receive training on everything from being able to interview people and write proper stories to using the various pieces of equipment such as digital cameras, video and voice recorders

Who is it for?

The Peterborough Community Reporters Project is for individuals who take an interest in their community and would like to develop their skills in areas such as writing a good article, Social Media, Digital Hardware and many others. It also helps if you are enthusiastic and have ideas, but don’t worry, we can help you with that!

What are the benefits for the Community Reporter?

  • Learn new communication skills
  • Learn interviewing skills
  • Learn how to use Digital Cameras and Voice Recorders
  • Build your confidence by doing things you never dreamed of before
  • Gets you out and about to meet new people

What are the benefits for the Community?

  • People sharing their stories and experiences
  • Document the History of the different areas of Peterborough
  • Celebrate the multi cultural diversity of Peterborough and the heritage that this brings.


Q. How can I get involved?

Q. Do I need any experience?

  • No, just your enthusiasm to learn and a willingness to share your thoughts and ideas are all that is needed.

Q. What will it cost me for the training?

  • Absolutely nothing as we have already the funding in place. All we ask is that you need to be available for the two day training course on the dates provided.

Q. I am not very technically minded and a bit low in confidence in these situations. Should I still apply?

  • Yes definitely. The training has been designed to be easily understood and there will be others there to support you.

Q. What sort of things will I learn on the training course?

  • Loads, including the different types of reporting, producing good content, communication and interviewing skills, Health and Safety whilst reporting, how to use the equipment and uploading the content to the Peterborough Community Reporters Website and much more.

Q. What can I report on?

  • Anything you like as long as it’s clean. It could be a film about a new local band, a report on job hunting, an article about your childhood experiences, the list is endless…

Q. How many Peterborough Community Reporters will there be?

  • We hope loads, the more the merrier in fact! We will be inviting people from each ward in Peterborough to start with, then, as word spreads we will engage with partner organisations to either directly fund the continued growth or give specialist support such as a local media outlet offering training or work experience for a budding reporter.

UPDATE 05/01/12: We are currently building the PCR Website and planning training sessions for local people to become Community Reporters, please call 01733 200906 to find out more.

Official Launch expected Mid February 2012


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