save our community buildings!

November 14, 2016

Can Do Communities join other charitable organisations in calling for major investment to save and invest in the future of vital community assets. We are involved in particular with attempting to ‘save’ local pubs and community centres, over a number of years Can Do Communities have been working with like minded organisations in assisting people with guidance, funding & capacity building support to sustain and save crucial community assets.

Pub closures are still at around 25 per month, Community Centres closures are the next ticking time bomb that will have profound damaging effects to the fabric of our communities. Some local authorities are closing ‘traditional’ community centres that host various groups for older people to meet at Luncheon Clubs and alike. Worryingly we have evidence of ‘leisure hubs being built’ by some local authorities, they typically are shiny new buildings that have a swimming pool, a franchised café and a number of commercially priced rooms for rent. Following consultation we have found that whilst ‘young mums’ for example love these places (as many fitness classes as you like on direct debit!)- many people that used to frequent their local traditional community centre have been displaced, in particular older people  that meeting up for bingo or a lunch with friends was a vital social lifeline- they have been left out of the new hubs because ‘they don’t pay enough’- if this is replicated in many of our towns and cities across the UK we could be saving up a lot of trouble (including increased health & well being costs- due to older people being increasingly isolated from their community)

National Charity Locality have produced a paper on the subject of calling for a new community asset investment plan

plunkett foundation lead on support to save local community pubs

if you would like to discuss any of these issues pls contact Marvin Symes CDC director 01733 200906save-our-centre-pic




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